Punta Morena
Punta Morena is the most luxurious beach on the Hop where you can enjoy beach chairs, shaded hammocks, massages, swimming pools, a natural cove, a trio band and giant beachy cocktails to get the party started!
Perched atop a seaside cliff, offers more than just breath-taking views. You'll find a fun-filled, groovy atmosphere with amazing food and magnificent margaritas. And there's definitely something to be said for the wildlife here too!
Playa Bonita
A Cozumel favourite since 1979, its fun-loving staff serves up laughter, enormous cocktails and incredibly fresh and delicious seafood. Up in the restaurant or down on the beach, enjoy the sea breezes and spectacular views.
Also kn own as The Bob Marley Bar, they're famous for having the best coconut shrimp on the island. Swing in your hammock to reggae tunes, have a seat at the bar, grab a table up top or down on the beach, while this family run joint serves up tasty drinks and their succulent signature dishes. Stress does not exist here. Yeah mon!